Arktan logo is a tool that helps you transform your long YouTube videos into engaging short clips that drive views and subscribers quickly. With AI technology, the tool extracts the best moments of your videos, saving you time on editing. It offers a range of features such as center stage facial tracking, animated subtitles, unlimited high-quality exports, versatile aspect ratios, advanced editing tools, and brand presets to give your shorts a distinct presence. Whether you're a beginner or a professional creator, has pricing plans tailored to your content creation needs, allowing you full access to its features.


  • Center stage facial tracking
  • One-click animated subtitles
  • Unlimited high-quality exports
  • Versatile aspect ratios
  • Advanced editing tools
  • Brand presets

Use Cases

  • Turn long YouTube videos into engaging short clips
  • Grow your channel by repurposing content
  • Save time on editing
  • Create visually appealing shorts with brand presets

Suited For

  • YouTube content creators
  • Video editors