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10Web is a comprehensive website management tool that offers various features such as AI website builders, automated hosting, PageSpeed optimization, AI marketing strategy generation, and more, to help users create, manage, and optimize their websites with ease.


  • AI Website Builder
  • AI Ecommerce Website Builder
  • Automated Hosting
  • PageSpeed Booster
  • AI Business Name Generator
  • AI Marketing Strategy Generator
  • WordPress AI Assistant
  • AI Assistant SEO Pack
  • Automated PageSpeed Booster with Cloudflare CDN

Use Cases

  • Creating and managing websites for personal and business use
  • Building ecommerce websites with AI assistance
  • Optimizing website performance and speed
  • Generating business names and marketing strategies using AI

Suited For

  • Small startups
  • Large enterprises
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Creators
  • Agencies & freelancers
  • SMBs