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Zuva Contracts AI is an AI-powered tool that provides insights into various types of contracts, helping businesses review and understand their contractual terms and obligations.

With the ability to upload PDF documents of up to 150 pages and 5MB in size, users can review lease terms, vendor/supplier contract terms, customer contracts (RevOps, Finance/Ops/Privacy), M&A diligence terms, credit agreement terms, and employment agreement terms.

The tool also offers sample documents for users who don't have their own contracts to review.

By leveraging the Zuva API, users can export their results for a fee of $10.

Zuva Contracts AI is designed to streamline contract analysis and provide valuable insights for businesses.


  • AI-powered contract analysis
  • Support for various contract types
  • Ability to upload PDF documents
  • Sample documents for review
  • Export results via Zuva API

Use Cases

  • Contract analysis
  • Contract review
  • Contract insights

Suited For

  • Businesses
  • Legal professionals