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Praktika is an automated 1-1 tutorship tool that provides a personalized learning experience with generative AI Avatar Tutors.

It combines the precision of a tutor with the fun of an app, allowing users to learn, practice, and improve their English skills.

The tool offers smart AI conversations, real-time feedback, personalized exercises, and a low-pressure environment for effective language learning.


  • Automated 1-1 tutorship with generative AI Avatar Tutors
  • Personalized learning experience
  • Smart AI conversations
  • Real-time and after session feedback
  • Personalized exercises designed based on insights from millions of students

Use Cases

  • Learn and practice English anytime and anywhere
  • Improve language skills through personalized exercises
  • Receive real-time feedback and guidance
  • Enhance conversation skills through smart AI conversations

Suited For

  • Individuals learning English as a second language
  • Students wanting personalized language tutoring
  • Language learners seeking a low-pressure environment for practice