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FictionGPT is an AI tool developed by Related Code that allows users to generate fictional stories based on their preferences. By selecting inputs such as genre, style, language, and length, users can create entirely unique and custom-tailored stories.

With FictionGPT, users can unleash their creativity and explore various storytelling possibilities. Whether you need inspiration for a short story, want to create a specific genre-based tale, or simply enjoy the art of storytelling, FictionGPT can assist you in generating engaging and imaginative narratives.


  • Customizable story generation based on genre, style, language, and length inputs

Use Cases

  • Generating unique stories for personal enjoyment or professional projects
  • Creating content for books, films, video games, or other creative endeavors

Suited For

  • Writers and authors looking for inspiration and story ideas
  • Content creators in need of unique fictional narratives