Social Modules & Visualizations

  • Grid Visualization

    Grid Visualization

    Pinterest-style grid visualization showcasing rich curated multimedia content.

  • Social Stream

    Social Stream

    Visualization of newsfeed-style social stream curated from across all the leading social networks.

  • Mosaic Visualization

    Mosaic Visualization

    Mosaic-style visualization showcasing onsite comments and multimedia content from across the social web and blogs.

  • Twitter Stream

    Twitter Stream

    Visualization of newsfeed-style stream comprising curated tweets.

  • Twitter Highlights

    Twitter Highlights

    Visualization of configurable number of curated tweets displayed horizontally with auto refresh.

  • Featured Posts

    Featured Posts

    Visualization of curated featured posts from across the social web.

  • Geo Visualization

    Geo Visualization

    Visualization of tweets as icons on a map. By hovering with a mouse over the icons users can read the corresponding tweets and reply, retweet, and favorite them.

  • Google Map Visualization

    Google Map Visualization

    Visualization of tweets and Instagram photos as icons on a Google map. By clicking on the icons users can view and interact with the corresponding posts.

  • Timeline Visualization

    Timeline Visualization

    Visualization of curated social conversation and multimedia content around TV, sports, music, events, and campaigns, displayed using a timeline.  

  • Live Chat

    Live Chat

    Allows fans to engage in live chat during TV shows, sports events, campaigns, and other events. Integrated with social login and social sharing features.  

  • Voting


    Voting module allowing users to cast their votes onsite using a drop-down menu. Users are able to share their votes with comments on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Gallery Voting

    Gallery Voting

    Single-select or multiple-select gallery voting module allowing users to cast their votes on photos and videos.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    Ratings & Reviews

    Allows users to provide feedback and ratings on brands’ products, content, and services.

  • Commenting


    Allows users to comment on brands’ articles, blogs, videos, and other content.

  • Site Activity

    Site Activity

    Visualization of sitewide activity as well as personalized activity of a user and user’s friends.

  • Talent Q&A

    Talent Q&A

    Moderated Q&A with experts, official talent, and celebrities, answering questions posted by fans onsite and via Twitter and Facebook.  

  • Trending Topics

    Trending Topics

    Visualization of trending topics displayed using a word cloud. The clickable topics allow users to use them as a discovery tool to explore deeper layers of social content around the topics.

  • Trending Celebrities 1

    Trending Celebrities 1

    Bar graph visualization of clickable trending celebrities, such as athletes, showing a total number of onsite and social web mentions.  

  • Trending Celebrities 2

    Trending Celebrities 2

    Dotted visualization of clickable trending celebrities, such as artists, showing a total number of onsite and social web mentions.

  • Trending Posts

    Trending Posts

    Visualization of trending Facebook posts based on a number of link shares on Facebook, or trending tweets based on a number of retweets or link shares.

  • Trending Progress Bar

    Trending Progress Bar

    Progress bar visualization showing comparison of trending entities, such as sports teams, celebrities, products or topics.

  • Pulse Visualization

    Pulse Visualization

    Stacked bar graph visualization of social web conversation from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and GetGlue.

  • Posts Per Minute

    Posts Per Minute

    Visualization of a total number of posts per minute aggregated from across the social web and from your sites and mobile apps.

  • Counters


    Visualization of counters showing a total number of posts in a curated stream, such as a total number of tweets, Instagram photos, YouTube videos, and Facebook posts.

  • Hashtag Battles

    Hashtag Battles

    Visualization of Twitter hashtag battles showing a total number of tweets corresponding to each hashtag.

  • Top Fans

    Top Fans

    Visualization of most active fans based on their total number of social web and onsite posts about a specific brand or topic.

  • Facebook Leaderboard

    Facebook Leaderboard

    Dotted visualization of clickable trending celebrities, such as athletes and artists, showing a total number of public and private Facebook mentions.