Interactive Real-Time Social Experiences on Your Sites, Mobile Apps, and On-Air.


Arktan SocialDVR

Arktan SocialDVR integrates real-time social web and onsite conversation that took place during live programming of TV shows for viewers of on-demand videos of the shows.

SocialDVR allows viewers of on-demand shows to experience time-delayed social engagement and to participate in the social conversation that took place during the shows. Viewers are now able to experience shows together with friends even if they are not watching the shows at the same time.

Univision, for example, is using Arktan SocialDVR for UVideos to support the social integration with live and on-demand video playbacks of Univision’s many shows, leveraging SocialDVR’s ability to meet the scale demands of thousands of new UVideos every week.

Main Features

  1. Record Social Conversation

    Use Arktan SocialStreams’ robust dashboard and APIs to capture and curate real-time social web content and conversation from across all the leading social networks for viewer interaction during live programming of your shows.

  2. Time-Synced Social Comments

    Use SocialDVR to time-sync on-demand videos of your shows with viewers’ comments posted on your sites, mobile apps, and social web during live programming of the shows. When viewers watch the videos on-demand, the time-synced comments and social gestures are played back to them with the videos, allowing viewers to experience time-delayed social interaction with your shows.

  3. Playback of Social Conversation

    Let viewers watching on-demand videos of your shows see all the social web and onsite conversation played back to them, just as it occurred during the original live programming of the shows.

  4. Support for Video Controls

    Use social conversation playback that is integrated with video controls to let viewers easily select and view any sections of the on-demand videos of your shows along with the corresponding time-synced onsite and social web conversation.

  5. Comprehensive APIs & Mobile Support

    Use SocialDVR’s comprehensive APIs, including DVR initialization, conversation retrieval, and time-synced submission, for seamless integration with web, mobile, smart TV, and all popular video players.